What is DSS?

Dalhousie Space Systems Lab (DSS) is a multidisciplinary team of highly motivated students and faculty from Dalhousie University.

DSS focuses on the research & development of various space flight systems, and space propulsion systems, including sub-orbital satellites and prototype launch vehicles (LV) and medium-altitude rocketry systems.


The satellite division of DSS is a specialized team, working towards research and development of satellite subsystems, including:

Attitude Determination & Control System  

RF Communication and Ground-Station

Power intake, storage and distribution system

Satellite central authority operating system

Satellite and ground station simulation

Two Line-Element simulation and calculation software

Canadian CubeSat Project

The Canadian CubeSat Project (CCP) was announced in April 2017. The CCP is providing professors in post-secondary institutions with an opportunity to engage their students in a real space mission. Through this national initiative, winning teams of professors and students are offered the unique opportunity to design and build their own miniature satellite called a CubeSat.

In May 2018, the CSA announced the selection of the winning proposals and awarded a total of 15 grants, including a 200,000 CAD grant to DSS, from Nova Scotia. Additionally, 37 organizations are participating in the CCP, thanks to several inter-regional, inter-provincial and international collaborations that include universities from Europe, Australia and the USA.